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DMI CPDSv2.0 Bundle

Certification: CPDSv2.0

Certification Full Name: Certificate in Professional Digital Selling 2.0

Certification Provider: DMI

Exam Code: CPDSv2.0

Exam Name: Certificate in Professional Digital Selling 2.0

CPDSv2.0 Training Products ¥460

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  • Questions & Answers

    CPDSv2.0 Questions & Answers

    2578 Questions & Answers

    Includes questions types found on actual exam such as drag and drop, simulation, type in, and fill in the blank.

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    Certificate in Professional Digital Selling 2.0 test dumps & exam questions for DMI CPDSv2.0

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    A soccer player sprained his left MCL 6 days ago, what stage of the tissue healing is he most likely in?
    A. Remodeling Phase
    B. Inflammation Phase
    C. Regeneration Phase
    D. Repair Phase
    Answer: D

    :Which of the following is a predefined protocol filter?
    A. RPC
    B. SMB
    C. IP
    D. None of these.
    Answer: C

    Latest CPDSv2.0 Practice Materials
    Router#config terminal
    Router(config)#hostname Apopka
    2) Enable-secret password (cisco10):
    Apopka(config)#enable secret cisco10
    3) Set the console password to RouterPass:
    Apopka(config)#line console 0
    Apopka(config-line)#password RouterPass
    4) Set the Telnet password to scan90:
    Apopka(config)#line vty 0 4
    Apopka(config-line)#password scan90
    5) Configure Ethernet interface (on the right) of router Apopka:
    The subnet mask of the Ethernet network is 27. From this subnet mask, we can find out the increment
    by converting it into binary form, that is /27 = 1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1111.1110 0000. Pay more attention to the
    last bit 1 because it tells us the increment, using the formula:
    Increment = 2place of the last bit 1 (starts counting from 0,from right to left), in this case increment = 25 = 32.
    Increment: 32
    Network address:
    Broadcast address: (because is the second subnetwork, so the previous IP - - is the broadcast address of the first subnet).
    -> The second assignable host address of this subnetwork is
    Assign the second assignable host address to Fa0/0 interface of Apopka router:
    Apopka(config)#interface Fa0/0
    Apopka(config-if)#ip address
    Apopka(config-if)#no shutdown
    6) Configure Serial interface (on the left) of router Apopka:
    Using the same method to find out the increment of the Serial network:
    Serial network
    Increment: 16 (/28 = 1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 0000)
    Network address: (because 8 * 16 = 128 so is also the network address of this subnet)
    Broadcast address:
    -> The last assignable host address in this subnet is
    Assign the last assignable host address to S0/0/0 interface of Apopka router:
    Apopka(config)#interface S0/0/0 (or use interface S0/0 if not successful)
    Apopka(config-if)#ip address
    Apopka(config-if)#no shutdown
    7) Configure RIP v2 routing protocol:
    Apopka(config)#router rip
    Apopka(config-router)#version 2
    Save the configuration:
    Apopka#copy running-config startup-config
    Finally, you should use the ping command to verify all are working properly!

    A security analyst gathered forensics from a recent intrusion in preparation for legal proceedings. The analyst used EnCase to gather the digital forensics. cloned the hard drive, and took the hard drive home for further analysis. Which of the following of the security analyst violate?
    A. Chain of custody
    B. Hashing procedures
    C. Cloning procedures
    D. Virtualization
    Answer: A

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Certification introduction

The CPDSv2.0 is the three letters based a single word which possesses some meaningful information and as the name describes it is essentially designed for the Certificate in Professional Digital Selling 2.0s. Project management is the huge and vast scope field which has entered almost every type of business. Professionals of the project management deliberately assigned some duties under the supervision of the project leader in order to accomplish the project as soon as possible. The entire work load compiles even with the best use of the experience that gain through the practical assignments under different circumstances. The best part of the CPDSv2.0 is that it is based on the real education and the level of competency must be higher in order to direct the projects in a suitable way with the scarce resources and equipments. The duration of serving the specifically project managers is about twenty five years and as a whole CPDSv2.0 is the prime certification that has been especially designed for the PMs (project managers) in this regard.

Related exam

CPDSv2.0 exam: this is the certification exam that has covered almost each aspect of the project management professionals to make them an eligible and competent in the market. It provides best corners that is the edge point for all the project managers to increase the abilities and success world widely. It provides flexibility as well as the market recognition that provides secure future and inspire to do some extraordinary work in this field.

Certification objectives:

The basic design objectives that obtain through this certification adds the career development, it also enhances the qualified recognition and make the individuals competent in many aspects. The very advance and the specific methodology that is used by the DMI certifications increases the flexibility of the learning process. It may also conclude towards the practical on the field working and the adaptable methodologies are hence implemented easily in the various market segments, industrial locations and geographic sites. It is equipped with up to date skills, so it provides the best ever practices that are the key to success. It provides the closest world renowned opportunity which is the part of changing the current profession to the advanced mode all along with the advanced capabilities and deeper understanding of the project management. . It provides best corners that is the edge point for all the project managers to increase the abilities and success world widely. It provides flexibility as well as the market recognition that provides secure future and inspire to do some extraordinary work in this field.

Certification information


The maximum time given to any registered candidate for the validity of this certification is about one year. Retakes are allowed three times within the specific one year duration. The whole process along the prerequsits requirement is almost the same.

Exam Prerequisite

CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management.

This is the prerequisite for this certification if and only if the candidate doesn't match the requirements which are necessary to avail in advance. A strong recommendation in order to clearly understand the vision and purpose of this CPDSv2.0   certification.

  • The degree that has achieved through the 7500 credit hours essentially required to lead a project and the education corely needed to project management with 35 hours at least. This is basically associated with the secondary degree program.
  • There is another option for the willing candidates that is a four-year degree program. Experience of minimum three years in the related field that is project management. 4500 credit hours for directing the projects and specifically 35 hours to the project management education.

Skills and benefits

  • Salaries: undoubtedly the salary increases with the achievement of this certification.
  • Marketability: the professionals of CPDSv2.0 are demanded badly in the market
  • Repute and fame: as the marketability increases, it provides the greater fame and better results for the future securing.
  • Prospective employers: it is beneficiary in a sense it helps to market the individual as the prospective employer.
  • Financial benefits: the increase of the education level in this part of the management cure the financial shortfall in almost every step of life. The each advance step counts the financial increments due to the basic needs of the project management information.

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